Friday, May 11, 2018

THE 3 C'S OF LIFE.....

Choices, Chances & Changes
You must make a choice to take a chance,
 or your life will never Change.


Monday, April 30, 2018

"Remember you cannot change what you won't confront" - DR MIKE MURDOCH

Sunday, April 29, 2018


Men, what i'm about to share with you is priceless, and should come with a fee, but this one's on me.

Now just because you have an erection, doesn't mean its time to get busy. WOMEN NEED FOREPLAY TOO! They need good blood flow just like you. A decrease in blood flow can diminish her sexual response.

First of all, every woman has a treasure chest inside of  her, that most men don't even know exists. Check this out, it's usually a non-body part. It could be her intellect, her wild side or maybe her sense of humor. A wise man once said, "make her laugh, that's half the battle". When a man discovers this, and comes to appreciate and love that part of her, he gets the girl emotionally and sexually. That's when she feels she's being loved completely. Tip: If you're not sure whats in her treasure chest, listen carefully the next time she's around her family. Notice the compliments that make her sparkle.

Only 20 to 30 percent of women reach orgasm through penetration alone. Face it, for some women "digging her back out" is just not gonna do it all the time. Some women need to be really excited. Slow down and put in some work. Think VENIS; Very Erotic NonInsertive Sex.

Try stimulating her without the sexual contact. Maybe washing her hair, a massage with warm oil, gently touch her face while looking into her eyes, and give her the most passionate kiss of her life. Cuddle and run your fingers through her hair. Feel with feeling.

The clitoris has almost double the nerve endings than a penis, so obviously it needs lots of attention. Some women like direct stimulation of their clitoris, others prefer the area around it.  Find what turns her on and look for different ways to hit that switch every time. One of the biggest misconceptions, men assume that an orgasm is the end all-be all for women. Not the case. Faking orgasms is so wide spread because of the importance MEN attach to an orgasm. Research says seventy five percent of women have faked it! Just to stroke the male ego. No pun intended.

Women experience 3 different type of orgasms. Clitoral (the one most men focus on) which results from direct stimulation of the clitoris and surrounding tissue. Pelvic floor orgasms stem from much further down and involves vaginal and uterine contractions triggered by deep penetration (that deeper, deeper moan). Then there's the blended orgasm (the full body) the ultimate, which contains the elements of both.

Men remember this!!!....Men feel intimate as a result of being sexual. Women feel sexual as a result of being intimate.

Saturday, April 28, 2018


How do you keep a man? The Ratchet answer would be to give him the best ass he’s ever had. But those who think that are single and currently figuring out what dress to wear to the club this weekend. Women who have locked down men, and I’m not talking about 6 months, I’m talking years, those women brought something to the table much more powerful than good sex.

You think you’re pretty, you think you’re smart, I bet you think you’re the most interesting woman on the planet right? But how do men view you? I’m not talking about does he turn and look when you walk by, let’s go deeper than the physical bullshit girls use as a crutch. Does he think you’re smart? Does he find you interesting? Are you classy in his mind or just another basic broad he’s ran through? Take a moment to think about the last dude you were seriously involved with. What did he like most about you? If it was something like “My smile” or “The way I rode it” you have a serious problem. Are you the type of woman he can spend all day talking to and has a connection deeper than the physical attraction or are you simply Pussy? And by Pussy I mean your only value to that man is to satisfy his physical needs. Your job is to make him cum. Pussy isn’t just the hoe or the slut, it’s also the girlfriend who we have no intention of marrying or keeping around past a year. Men love pussy, but we do not marry Pussy. A man may show Pussy off to his friends. He might buy Pussy gifts. Occasionally Pussy gets to come out of the house and get treated to dinner. Pussy even gets pregnant and becomes the Baby Mama. But he NEVER EVER marries Pussy. All men see women as Pussy initially, but after a few conversations we can decide if she’s more.

Are you the type he wifes or are you just the pussy?

Does he take you out? Stop being the drive thru hoe. Yeah he’s on hard times, his pockets aren’t built like that, but guess what? That nigga has money to buy a $59.99 PS3 game; he can scrape up a few dollars to take you to a restaurant that doesn’t have pictures on the menu. Your homgirls are single and fine dining and you’re taking Wing Stop to go, you’re not winning because you have a man, you’re losing because you have a man who keeps your dumb ass on Dracula duty, buried in the crib, only coming out when it’s time to buy condoms and Dutch masters.

Have you met his family? I’m not talking about his boys at the smoke house who he chills with and you happen to tag along. Has his mother laid eyes on you? I remember sneaking this girl into my mother’s house and she caught me. I was pissed because this girl was dumb as a brick, and my mother is nosey. My mother asked how she was doing and the bitch stood there as if she were asked to name elements from the periodic table. For years she joked me about the “retarded chinky eyed girl”. If he’s feeling you, you’ll meet the people who are most important to him. Being in the car and waving “hi” or seeing someone for a minute isn’t an introduction. Stop being smuggled hoe!

What do you talk about? “We spend all night on the phone talking, we have so much in common”, Bitch please. Do you know how many hours I’ve spent on the phone with girls who I couldn’t stand? I’ve stayed up until 6am more times than I can count, and it wasn’t because the girl was interesting, it was because I wanted what she had and was putting in work. Take away the gossip, the TV show talk, and the sexual flirting; what the fuck did I talk to you about? We both like the same colors… wow. We both randomly know Chauncey the stick up boy… incredible.  Spending twenty minutes saying “Did You Miss Me” and having a back and forth on who missed who gets played. The number one question a man wants to know, “When can I see you”. Why? Because you’re Pussy and we can’t get Pussy over the phone.

Are You Jeopardy Girl or Family Feud Girl? You’re not the brightest, you can tie your shoe and put your hair into a bun, but that’s where your genius ends. Stop pretending as if you visit before you visit  It’s okay to be into basic shit, but be able to put together a sentence. If I say, “So why didn’t you like Black Swan” don’t come at me with, “That was some white people shit”. That’s not a movie review, that’s a woman with poor analytical skills who tuned out as soon as she realized this wasn’t a comedy. There are more important things than who Chris Brown is fucking. If I wanted to date a woman with the life experience of a 17 year old I would have become a gym teacher or a stepfather.Stop being afraid to ask questions, research things you don’t understand, have a desire to be the best dressed at the party and the most interesting.

If a man won’t commit then he sees you as Pussy. You were in a relationship for 3 months, and he started acting funny… Did you really break up with him or did he sabotage the relationship after your Pussy expired? Yes, pussy has an expiration date. It expires exactly 3-4 months after we first hit it. The more you smash the faster it expires. It’s not milk, you can continue to hit pussy after it’s long expired, people are married and love hitting expired pussy, it still feels good. But it will never be at the height it was when it was considered new pussy. As a wise man once said, “There’s no pussy like new pussy, and that’s how a nigga feel”. Being extra freaky or dating during the winter months may buy you an extra two months of that new pussy smell, but that’s it. No matter If it lasts 4 months or 6 months, the man will show signs of cabin fever because you don’t have anything real that keeps him tied to you. This man didn’t suddenly become an asshole, that’s not the real reason you’re arguing after months of lovey dovey shit, he’s tired of your pussy and he’s ready to move on to the next girl because you don’t stimulate him mentally. Sure he may come back to hit it after the relationship is over, but no junkie stops cold turkey. The point is he’s now only using you for Pussy, and that reaffirms that from the jump he saw you as Pussy never wifey! There is no such thing as Marry Me Pussy. No matter how good you think your shot is, there has yet to be a vagina built that can make a man throw a ring on it. Personality, charm, charisma > Pussy. If you want to keep a man, not just have someone to roll around in the bed and eat lemon pepper strips with, look in the mirror and ask, “Would I want me?” It’s like a job interview, the strengths are obvious and often times exaggerated. The weaknesses, those are hard to figure out, it’s not because you don’t have any, it’s because we rarely take a serious look at what’s wrong with us. Other than stupidity which we can’t really cure, there are several things that hold men back from promoting women, but here are my top two,

Are You Boring: No one wants a girl who sits around saying “I’m bored”? If you’re a bored female, that means you are boring. I don’t care how pretty you are I don’t want to waste my time with a boring chick who always needs to be entertained by the most basic shit.  I’m bored my phone’s not ringing today. I’m bored nobody’s texting me. I’m bored nothing’s on TV. Guess what? I’m bored after fucking you for a month because all you do is seek attention. Your coochie may be wet, but your personality is dry! There are people that make things happen and there are people who complain that nothing’s happening. Which are you?

Are You Loyal: Yeah yeah you would never cheat physically, but who do you talk to besides him? Who do you flirt with besides him? Men know when a female has an active phonebook. Do you think he’s going to see you as more than a good time girl if you have dudes blowing up your phone? He can say, “cut every other dude off for me” but let’s be realistic, you have excuses to why you talk to these niggas, he’s your brother, he’s your best male friend, you work with him… the list goes on. If you’re not willing to let go of your backup dick, why should he upgrade you from the Pussy to the potential wifey?

If you are a girl who’s tired of the dating game and want something deeper than 9 inches and a text message, then it’s time to get serious and change the way men view you. When you go out on dates have something to say, push the conversation in directions you haven’t taken it before. Show him that you aren’t like the rest of these girls out here; make him feel as if you’re the type of woman he can raise children with… not drop children in. They say that beside every great man there is a great woman. History doesn’t remember women who could do it with no hands; they remember women who could do it with their brains. Stop Being Pussy, that’s how you keep a man.


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Thursday, April 26, 2018


 I was going to write on this, but Steve Harvey sums it up exactly how I would have written it, from a MAN'S point of view. Ladies, unless your male friend happens to be GAY, this observation is a fact about 99% of the time. It is another one of those things that make men and women different. ENJOY!

Monday, April 23, 2018


You cannot be with a man 24 hours a day, and there must be trust in every relationship. Some men are weak and sometimes need assistance in preventing themselves from getting in trouble. This is why there are certain women that you, as his wife/girlfriend/ fiancĂ©, keep him as far away from as possible. 

1. The Low Self Esteem Chick

You know this girl. The girl with self esteem so low that she will do almost anything for attention from a male. It does not matter how minimal the attention is, she will take it. She is lacking self love and wants someone to confirm it for her. She needs men to tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is constantly. Her antics appear to be over the top because they are a cry for attention from anyone with a penis.

2. The Sluttish Friend

She is the chick in your crew who is a sweet heart and would give you her paycheck and food stamps if you needed it, BUT (always a but with people who are too nice) she is a whore, and also a border line nympho. She will sleep with anyone, doesn't matter if he is in a relationship, married, or your daddy. Her only goal is to get hers. She is the chick that will hate on you at the club when she notices that guys are giving you more attention than her. She will always be the one to do something "sluttish" to attract male attention.

3. The Model Chick

She gets a break because truth be told, she cannot help that she is gorgeous, or modelesque. Blame God for that one. This chick might be a good person at heart and have no ill intentions towards you or your relationship. The only problem with her is that she is every man’s dream girl. Despite her innocence in this, just to prevent temptation on your man’s part, keep these two as far apart as possible.

4. The Needy/Annoying Ex-Girlfriend

This is your current man’s ex-girlfriend. They had a “special bond”. They still keep in contact and remain friends. Which wouldn't be a problem if she didn't depend on him emotionally for comfort. She will call him crying after she gets laid off from her job or realizes she is with a loser who treats her bad. She will never completely let go. Secretly, she is waiting on him to dump you so she can step back in. Careful, she may even be a baby momma.

5. The Golddigger

This is the one who can smell a man with money miles away. She may be someone he works with. Perhaps a secretary, or the cute receptionist he passes every day while coming into the office. She is not there to pursue her own career achievements and success. She is there to find a husband. I guarantee you she will do whatever it takes to try to get him to sleep with her. Part of her plan is to seduce your man, get him to leave you. She does not care about the man at all. She is in it to win it and her financial security is the prize.

6. The Sex Kitten

She is similar to the sluttish friend and the low self esteem chick, but she realizes that she has nothing to offer a man but her body. She has little to no personality and isn’t the brightest. She places her energy into maintaining her looks. She has nothing else to offer. Not only does she realize this, she accepts it! She also knows all men’s weakness. Sex! So, she uses sex to seduce men. She could be lurking anywhere, making her the most difficult to keep away.

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Friday, April 13, 2018


Relationships are far from easy. Long distance relationships are even harder, takes more out of both you. Rather than give up what could be a great opportunity because of distance, here are ways to keep an LDR strong.

You should ALWAYS be on the same page. The relationship is bound to fail if the two of you want different things. Come up with a plan of what you need from one another and decide the best way to go about being there for each other.

Make your presence obvious. Small surprises are a simple way to bring a smile, no matter how many miles apart you are. A card, a small gift or maybe flowers and candy, as if you were in each other's presence.

Reach out to their friends. The last thing you want is to be known as "the person that lives 1,000 miles away, that keeps their friend from having any fun." Get to know who is special in their lives other than relatives. Make the friends look forward to your visits also. It’ll make your mate feel luckier to have you around when friends approve of you. 

Give each other small memories: Maybe give her a t-shirt with her favorite cologne on it to wear to bed or keep a photo or two of him on your cell. If you care about each other enough, a small reminder will be enough to keep you wanting more and working towards the two of you.

Let’s Text About Sex, Baby...Need I say more?

Schedule dates: It’s still possible to do things together despite the oceans and states between you. See when movies are playing that you would normally watch together. Schedule when to watch it at the same time. You will feel closer and you’ll have something to talk about after.

Video chat. Seeing each other is a big part of dating. Take pictures and send them to each other. You see a motorcycle on the street you know he wants. Picture message it and tell him you can’t wait to "ride it,"  oops! I mean to ride on it with him. It’s important to remind each other that you’re thinking about one another. 

Enforce healthy lifestyles for each other: It’s hard to impact each other’s daily actions when you're not near. Set up competitions: Who can walk or run the most miles a week? Who can eat a healthier lunch? It’s important to still have a positive impact on your partner no matter how far away they are.

Make your time together worth it: If you trust each other enough, you will feel nothing but excitement on that plane ride to see one another. NEVER hide your feelings and make sure you talk everything through in a "civil" manner so that when you see each other, you have nothing but butterflies- the good kind.

The most important way to have a successful LDR is to have faith and hope in your relationship and in each other. It is not easy, but put your strength together and you can definitely make it.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Through my travels and studies I have come across efective "natural" ways to boost fertility.  Now pay close attention.....

Take your vitamins
Fertility is decreased in both men and women who are deficient in vitamin C, especially smokers. Men who get less than 60 milligrams RDA of vitamin C daily (equal to the amount in an orange) have been found to have high levels of damaged sperm. In one study, sperm counts increased by almost 60 percent in men who took 1000mg for two months. May be a quick fix, I don't know.

Women should avoid heavy doses of vitamin C, because it can dry up cervical fluid, preventing sperm from reaching the egg. You should limit the amount you take to the dose included in your prenatal vitamin.

Zinc deficiency has been linked to low sperm counts and poor sperm motility (ability to move actively), didn't want ya'll to think I couldn't spell. It has also been implicated in miscarriage.

Throw away your lubricants
The chemicals in commercial lubricants can kill sperm. Studies show sperm motility is lessened by 60-100% after sixty minutes of contact with lubricants. Petroleum jelly, plain glycerin and even saliva can also kill sperm. (Insert funny line here..Lol)

Lengthen the amount of time you spend on foreplay to ensure you are aroused and your natural vaginal secretions are increased. If you must use an additional lubricant, try egg whites because they encourage sperm motility.

Be missionaries
Make love with the man on top; also known as the missionary position. Sperm is deposited closest to the cervix during sex in this position because it allows the deepest penetration.

Avoid Starbucks
...or at least highly caffeinated things. Your chance of becoming pregnant is reduced by almost one-third if you or your partner ingests high amounts of caffeine, about 300-700mg daily. (One cup of regular coffee has 100mg of caffeine while regular tea has 30mg.)

Join the "Tea Party"
I read that women who drink at least 2 cups of tea per day nearly double their odds of conceiving. Researchers believe the antioxidants in tea may be responsible.

While men's alcohol consumption doesn't appear to affect fertility, women who have one alcoholic drink a day reduce their chance of conceiving by 50%. Even two drinks a week can lower your odds.

Say "no" to milk
Studies show that high rates of milk consumption are related to a decrease in fertility. Galactose, a sugar in milk, has been found in high concentrations in infertile women.

Don't get high
Marijuana decreases fertility in men by having a negative effect on sperm production in the testis; decreasing sperm motility and inhibiting the release of enzymes that let sperm penetrate the egg. It can also disrupt a woman's ovulatory cycle.
Weight matters
You are most fertile when you are neither too thin nor too heavy. You need at least 18% body fat to ovulate and your best chance of conceiving is when 20-25% of your body mass is fat tissue. On the other hand, your monthly cycle can be disrupted by too much fat, which affects estrogen levels. Being 25% over your ideal weight can stop ovulation

Don't douche
Douching can change the pH balance inside the vagina, altering it so that sperm are adversely affected. It can also wash away the cervical fluid that helps sperm through the cervix on their way to the egg.

Stress can cause irregular ovulation or even stop your periods. It is important to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and get at least eight hours of sleep daily. Try yoga, meditation or other de-stress techniques.

Happy hour
A couple's most fertile time of day is between 5pm and 7pm. The number and quality of sperm varies throughout the day, peaking in late afternoon with a sperm count that is 35% higher than it is in the morning. Since women are most likely to ovulate between 3 and 7, some researchers suggest couples leave work early for a baby-making rendezvous.


Monday, April 9, 2018


I just wanna know where have all the good girls gone?  You know the women that remind you of how it use to be. Good, subservient, committed, old-fashioned, traditional women.  These days, alot of women are living out their lives on the television screen, Basketball Wives, Real Housewives and other so-called "reality" shows. When in all actuality, thats not reality. It's not even the cast's reality. It is strictly entertainment. Then women wonder why men date outside of their race to find what their looking for.  Let's keep it real, we know that certain races are more submissive to their mate than others. Yeah I said it! Lol...Don't hurt me too bad.

Monday, June 19, 2017

I repeat.... When you come to the end of your rope... 

Tie a knot and hang on!!!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Friday, June 16, 2017

Flatter me, and I may not believe you.

Criticize me, and I may not like you.

Ignore me, and I may not forgive you.

Encourage me, and I will not forget you.

Love me, and I may be forced to love you.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


As you grow older, you love again, and the new love feels so different that the love before feels like make-believe.  

The way you love changes throughout  your life.  Even the way you love the same person changes.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Definition of A Deadbeat Dad

If you work odd jobs and under the table to avoid paying child support.

You got the new Jordans, iphone6, Madden and the kids need school supplies.

You living with your new girlfriend, taking care of her kids, and your kids are on the other side of town starvin.

You stay in the club flossin every weekend, and never been to a parent/teachers conference.

You stop taking care of "YOUR" kids bcuz your BM got a new man.

You're at every big event, CIAA, All Star Weekend, Bike Week and ain't seen them damn kids in 6 months.

You the flashiest nigga on social media and 15k behind in child support.

**If you're offended....You need to go pick up your kids and put some "REAL" time in.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


This short course in flirting will not only teach you how to flirt, but also tell when someone is flirting with you, and how to respond.

FLIRT;   to behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than serious intentions.


Make Eye Contact
One of the best ways to let someone know that you're interested and approachable is to make eye contact from across the room.  Don't stare!  Nobody likes a stalker, but let your look linger long enough to establish a clear connection.


Expect Reality
You're flirting, not proposing.  So keep your expectations in line with the activity.  

RULE #3 

Don't Overthink It 
Anxiety sets in about the uncertainty that comes with approaching someone that you've never met.  Stop worrying about how you look, or the perfect opening line and letting your brain get in the way.  Just dive in!!!


Subtle teasing is a good way to flirt with a member of either sex.  Most guys like women who are sassy and aren't afraid to challenge them a little.  Most women enjoy a man that will engage in a lil back and forth.


Reserve Judgement
Lack of chemistry is one thing, but don't be quick to reject someone based on one minor mishap.  9 times out of 10 you're both nervous.  So give them the benefit of the doubt, and keep talking.


Lean In
Use body language to show you're interested, open and ready for more.


Bump Elbows
I got this one from a movie I saw.  A quick bump of the elbows not only softens the mood, but provides familiarity and suggest there is more touching ahead.


Flirt Online
Modern technology has made it easy to flirt with people you may never actually meet.  Also because nearly everyone has a smartphone, you can flirt from anywhere 24/7.


Send Over A Drink
Because every great story starts with drinks.  Lol.

RULE #10

Dance To The Music
If you've made it this far.... DANCE TO THE MUSIC LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Winners have simply formed the habit of doing things losers hate to do......

Saturday, June 10, 2017


You may think the key to getting over someone is keeping yourself as busy as possible, choking back the tears, and not thinking about them. That is not the cure.

Although surrounding yourself with friends is definitely helpful and important, that's not all you need to do. There’s a difference between getting over someone and wanting to get over someone. You need to get yourself to want to be over it before you will ever actually feel it. Wanting to get over someone takes time, thinking, and probably lots of tears, but it’s the only way to get over someone in a healthy way. You will know when you reach that stage.

The first thing to remember is that it’s normal to be sad. You always seem to reflect on all the good times. You’re going to be use to talking to them at certain times of the day. If you’re not ready to go out with your friends, wait until you are. Rather than forcing feelings on yourself, accept how you feel and try to put a positive spin on it. You obviously had something special if you feel this way.

The hardest part is knowing you’re ready to get over them. While following the normal ‘getting over someone’ routine of going out alot and talking to them less, take some time to reflect on how you actually feel on the inside. If you still wish that it was them talking to you instead of a stranger at a bar, or it was them walking with you in the mall making you laugh instead of your friends, could mean that you’re not ready to move on. You have to want to get over someone before you can. Wanting to get over someone doesn’t happen overnight and it may take an experience to get the feeling. You can still love the person and what you had, but you need to learn to love what you can have. Living based on the past slows you down.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is forcing themselves to get over someone when they don’t actually want it. It takes a few random hook-ups to realize that although that may keep you busy and make the days go faster, you still wake up wishing that special one were there instead. Once you’ve reached the stage that you’re able to genuinely smile when single, you’ll want the best for yourself.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Only a fool trips on what's behind him ---- Go Forward...THINK ABOUT IT.