Friday, February 11, 2011


When people show you their TRUE colors, don't try to paint a different picture.  Protect yourself!


  1. So what happens when they don't show you their true colors??? Is it then you paint what ever picture you want? At all times either way it is IMPORTANT to protect yourself.

  2. ....when people reveal their true colors, it's typically for a reason whether its good or bad. You should always protect yourself no matter what. With that being said you should NEVER OVERLOOK OR OPENLY IGNORE what's been reveal to you. Always expect the unexpected.....even the colors of the rainbow are not what they appear to be........


  3. It's funny how people relate to things such as the colors of the rainbow and don't and correlate them with people and dont know what they mean. As for the colors of the rainbow, they are what they appear to be, as for people that's another story. It's not about people revealing who they are it's about you taking off those rose colored glasses and seeing them for what they are. As the old saying goes, "Blinded By Love" or "You Cant See the Forest Beyond the Trees." For those of you who dont know the rainbow as stated in Genesis 9 is the covenant that God made with Noah telling him that He would never bring mankind or this earth to ruin again by waters of deluge(great flood of water, or torrential rain, downpour). As for us stop and take a look at what your are getting, her long hair or phat booty or his bank account or nice car does not begin to tell us about the real person. If you are really looking and not just settling you can see the true person from the start, but you just dont want to admit it to yourself hoping that the smear on your glasses can be easily wiped away!